Author & Illustrator: Anna Makonin

Author & Illustrator: Anna (Makonin) Fong


Every labour of love begins with a small act of kindness; from a quick-witted narrative told to her child on the way to school in their car to a published book for all to read and share. This book, her first, is called Puddles or Lunch?. Its rhythmic  patterns create an interactive and funny story. The colourful and expressive illustrations add a dimension to the story that words cannot simply express.

Anna immigrated to Canada, from Hong Kong, when she was seven. This adventure and change in culture has created a fusion of Asian and Western art and storytelling. Giving birth to a daughter a few years ago has given her a true perspective of how children grow and what they find enjoyable and entertaining.

Anna has a Bachelor of Science from Simon Fraser University and has a natural talent for art. She worked in the video game industry as a professional 2D and 3D graphic artist for over 14 years. Her work can be seen in games published by companies like Disney, Konami, Universal, Sega, and Microsoft. For 3 years, Anna worked at the British Columbia Institute of Technology instructing computing students on how to draw, animate, and create digital art; as well as teaching the fundamentals of art and how artists work in game companies. Her insights have helped students understand the video game art process which has helped a number of students start their own successful game companies.